How to practice holding your breath/Reduce the fear of surfing

How to practice holding your breath/Reduce the fear of surfing

Why are you afraid of takeoff?
There are various causes.
Isn’t one of them the inability to breathe underwater?
Only a few seconds feel like a very long time.
As an instinct, humans are afraid of not being able to breathe.
But if you feel confident in holding your breath, your fear will decrease.

This time, I will show you the practice of holding your breath.
I, Wavalien, thought of this method.

What you can see in this article

・ Practice to hold your breath every day without difficulty

A simple breath-holding exercise

It’s that easy.
Every day, you’ll learn how to practice when you go to work, school, walk or shop.

You are walking towards your destination.
On the way, just hold your breath and walk.
If you repeat it every day, you can really feel the effect.

It’s a good idea to decide where to start holding your breath.

Breath-holding exercise

・Hold your breath and walk.

For example, in my case:

I go to the office by train every day.
I walk from the station to the office.

① When I exit the ticket gate of the station, I hold my breath and walk.
⇒ I take a breath when I feel pain.

② Next, when I pass in front of the drug store, I hold my breath and walk.
⇒ I take a breath when I feel pain.

③ Finally, when I pass in front of the restaurant, I hold my breath and walk.
⇒ I take a breath when I feel pain.

I hold my breath three times and walk from the ticket gate of the station
to the arrival at the office.

I repeat these actions every day.
At first, I could only walk about 32 steps while holding my breath.
I am currently holding my breath and taking about 40 steps.
If done daily, I can gradually improve my record.
The goal is set to 50 steps.

This practice gave me more time to hold my breath.
Also, I can now predict my time limit.
I don’t panic because I know my time limit when surfing and sinking in the sea.
I was able to reduce my fear.
Even if you wipe out with an overhead sized wave, the surfers are sinking for less than 10 seconds.
I can hold my breath while walking 40 steps. It takes about 20 seconds.
So I don’t panic when I’m submerged in the sea.

Is a full-fledged practice method realistic?

There are many ways to practice holding your breath in earnest.
There is training for Big Weve surfers to run on the seabed with rocks.

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There is also a practice method to hold your breath in the pool.
However, in order to practice these, you need an environment.
I don’t think it’s realistic for many surfers.

I am an office worker. I work from Monday to Friday.
Surfing is only possible on Saturdays and Sundays.
I don’t want to spend these two precious days in breath-holding practice. I want to surf.

So I thought of a way to practice every day while commuting.
It’s not the sea or the pool, but it’s similar in that you walk (run) while holding your breath.
This is an effective practice method, so please give it a try.

Thank you for reading.

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