Surfing helps depression

Surfing helps depression

Is surfing effective in treating depression?
I don’t know that. I’m not a doctor. I don’t know much about depression.

However, surfing is a very pleasant activity.
Many surfers may think that surfing has a positive effect on mental health.
Perhaps surfing can help with depression.

What I want to convey in this article

I think surfing is good for mental health such as depression.
(There is no evidence. This is my impression.)

That’s why I think surfing is good for mental health.

It’s difficult to tell you the pleasures of surfing in writing.
I think it’s a feeling that people who have never surfed don’t understand.
However, as much as I can, I will tell you.

Surfing is extraordinary

Unlike the land you live in all the time, just entering the sea is a stress relief.
You will be able to enjoy the extraordinary.

Fun to choose waves

You choose the wave to ride. You look for swells coming from offshore.
There are good waves and bad waves.
You will be serious about choosing the best waves.
Everyone wants to ride a good wave.
It’s like a hunter looking for prey.
That is very fun.

Success and failure of takeoff

When you succeed in taking off, you are satisfied that you have achieved your goal.
You will get the best feeling.
And it’s fun even if you fail to take off.
Yes, it’s fun because there are successes and failures.
Takeoff is one of the most difficult actions in surfing.
The success and failure of Takeoff will keep you hooked. Great pleasure just to ride the waves

You might think it’s similar to snowboarding.
However, surfing gives you more intense pleasure.
Surfboard goes very smoothly. It does not rattle.
This smooth sliding sensation is the most comfortable.
This cannot be obtained on snow.
There is a pleasant sensation because it slides on the water.Feel the power of the waves

The waves are moving intricately.
There are strong parts and weak parts.
Carry you towards the shore or lift you from bottom to top. do you,
You can feel the power that the wave surfboard receives.
You can get a sense of unity with the waves.
This feeling will give you a sense of well-being.
This feeling is only visible to those who surf.

The time to ride the waves in surfing is very short.
There are also many rides of about 3 seconds.
No matter how good the waves are, it will take about 5 seconds at the most.
(Of course, it depends on the condition …)
However, in this short time, you can get the best experience.
The sensation of riding the waves will keep you hooked.

Surfing addiction

Surfing is extremely addictive.
It feels really good, so I think it’s getting adrenaline from my brain.
You too will be excited about this pleasure.
With this pleasure, you can’t stop surfing.
It’s like a drug. But surfing is not as harmful as drugs.
I think surfing has the best effect on mental health.

Surfing is more than sex

Humans have three desires.
It is called appetite, sleep craving, and libido.
But I think surfing is a fourth desire.
I suffer when I can’t surf, just as I suffer when I don’t eat.
And I think it feels better than sex.
I know the pleasures of surfing and can’t stop.
If I surf every day, my desires won’t be met.
I’m so absorbed in surfing. It’s really fun.

If you really enjoy surfing, I’m sure it will have a positive effect
on your mind.


How was this article?
I think I can get the consent of many surfers.
It may have been difficult for inexperienced surfers to understand.
If so, please try surfing for the first time.

Surfing is more than just a sport. You don’t just move your body.
I think it is one of the purposes of being comfortable.
Surfing has a positive effect on the mind.
I don’t know if surfing is effective for depression.
But I think surfing definitely has a positive effect on the mind.

Thank you for your reading.

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