Surfing tips standing up ~ Direction to look at

Surfing tips standing up ~ Direction to look at

Where do beginners look at the takeoff?
Many beginners are looking in the wrong direction.

Takeoff is very difficult for beginners.
Beginners are afraid to take off and can’t afford it.
Many beginners focus on standing.
So beginners will look down, around the nose of the surfboard.
However, this does not allow you to take off correctly.
This time, I will talk about the right direction to look at.
The right way will also reduce the fear of takeoff. Please read it to the end.


The right direction to look

Vertical axis
Look horizontally

Horizontal axis
Look in the direction of about 45 degrees toward the shore

Vertical axis:Look horizontally

Load the tail of the surfboard

You shouldn’t look down.
Look in the horizontal direction.

When you look down, you can’t load the tail of the surfboard.
The takeoff requires pushing the tail of the surfboard into the wave at the vertical point of the wave. By catching the power of the waves with the tail, the surfboard starts running.

By looking horizontally, you will be able to bend your back.
And you can effectively push the tail of the surfboard with your knees.

Reduce fear

Also, if you look down, you will see the bottom of the wave.
Looking down, you’ll feel more scared. You hate that, right?

Even in the vertical direction of the waves, by turning your eyes horizontally
and surfboarding horizontally, the feeling of fear is greatly reduced.

Horizontal axis:Look in the direction of about 45 degrees toward the shore

The surfboard goes in the direction you are looking.

Do you know where to go after takeoff?
The angle of about 45 degrees is the correct direction toward the shore.
You should paddle in this direction to take off.
Looking at the surfers from the land,they appear to be moving laterally.
But that’s a misunderstanding.
The waves are moving from offshore to shore, so they actually go in the direction of 45 degrees.
If you look in the right direction, the surfboard will go in the right direction.

Look-in-the-direction-of-about- 45-degrees -toward-the-shore

Use the rail on the wave side

Surfing works with surfboard rails.

At takeoff, push the offshore rail into the waves.
If you look at 45 degrees, it will be easier to put in a rail.
Some beginners are trying to take off straight to the shore,
which makes it harder to use surfboard rails.

If you can take off at a 45 degree angle, you may be able to ride longer
because it will be easier to get away from the breaking waves.

My experience

This is my story when I was a beginner.
I was looking at the nose of the surfboard when I took off.

Takeoff is difficult and the surfboard becomes unstable.
I was desperately holding the surfboard in my hand so that I wouldn’t fall.
I couldn’t afford it and was looking at the nose of the surfboard.
I couldn’t push the tail into the waves.
So I was always lifted by the waves and fell into the water.
Also, looking down, I had a strong sense of fear.
Even when the good waves came, I was often scared and stopped taking off.

How was this article?
When taking off, the direction you look at is very important.
Please try it.
Your takeoff should be better.
I hope this article will be useful to you.

Thank you for reading.

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