Surfing Takeoff practice ‐ Lying down takeoff and riding

Surfing  Takeoff practice ‐ Lying down takeoff and riding

Takeoff is very difficult for novice surfers.
It’s very difficult for a novice surfer to anticipate a wave break,
paddle fast enough and stand in a timely manner.
And if you stand … you will soon fall into the water.
With this, it is difficult to improve.

This time, I will teach beginners effective takeoff and riding practice.
It’s about surfing, lying down, without standing on the surfboard.
Do you think it’s boring?
Don’t you want to do it because it’s not cool?

No, it has a very positive effect on you.

The effect of lying down takeoff and riding

 You can surf a long distance in a long time.

・A long surf gives you time to know the movement and power of the waves.

・A long surf gives you time to learn to control your surfboard.

You can surf without standing

Think of bodyboarding.
They do not stand on the board.
But they can surf.
Yes, you can even surf without standing on the surfboard.

Lie down takeoff and riding advantage

The surfboard stabilizes when you lie down.
・ You will not fall into the water.
・ You can go on the waves for a long time by lying down rather than standing up.

You can experience the power and movement of the waves for a long time.

Beginner surfers can’t stand on the surfboard.
Even if you stand it, it will immediately fall into the water.
That’s why you can’t learn about the waves.

Control your surfboard while lying down

Basic posture
Raise your upper body with your arms, like push-ups.
Push in the surfboard tail with both knees.
Keep both knees together.

Load the front half of the surfboard.
・ Push in the surfboard with both hands.
・ Push the surfboard with your breast
・ Grab the nose by hand
You can accelerate the surfboard.

Load the back half of the surfboard.
・ Reach out and bend your back.
You can slow down the surfboard.

When you lean your body, the surfboard tilts.
Push the rail into the slope of the wave.
You can feel the rails accelerating under the force of the waves.
If you surf to the shore at a 45 degree angle, you have the potential for a fairly long ride.


How was this article?
Taking off and riding while lying down is a very effective practice method.
Please try it.
I hope this article will help you improve faster.

Thank you for reading.

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