Surfing takeoff technique-How to put your hands on the surfboard in the steep/ hollow waves

Surfing takeoff technique-How to put your hands on the surfboard in the steep/ hollow waves

Where do you put your hands on the surfboard during the takeoff?
Knowing the right way to put your hands will improve your takeoff.

This time, I will talk about this.

Purpose of putting your hand on the surfboard

(At takeoff, before the surfboard starts accelerating)

 ・The purpose is to keep the surfboard level.

(When the surfboard is pushed by the waves and starts accelerating)

 ・This is because it pops up.

Keep the surfboard level

The surfboard must be kept level during takeoff.
The waves lift the tail of your surfboard.
Reach out and bend your back.

Then you can push the tail with your knees.
This way you can’t lift the surfboard tail to the waves.
Then, by pushing the tail with your knees, the surfboard accelerates.

Also, if you overload the tail, use your arm to load the front part of the surfboard.
Adjust so that the surfboard is horizontal.


Stretch your arms for pop-up

Get ready for the popup as soon as the surfboard starts accelerating.
When you pop up, reach out like a push-up to create a space under your chest.
Place your front foot in that space.

Also, if the surfboard accelerates less, you may accelerate by loading
the front part of the surfboard with your arm.

The right way to put your hands

・Correct position to put your hand (Ordinary and special methods)

・Don’t grab the rail

Correct position to put your hand

Put your hands around your chest.
It makes it easier to raise your upper body when you stretch your arms.

I will inform you of a special way!

(For regular stance surfers)
Place your right hand slightly below the tail and your left hand slightly below the nose.

After taking off, you need to lean your body against the surfboard.
By slightly shifting the position where you place your hands,
your body is already tilted when you stand up.
This will allow you to quickly take the next action.
*For goofy stance surfers, please reverse.

Don’t grab the rail

Don’t grab the surfboard rails.
On takeoff, you need to pop up in a second.
If you grab the rail with your hand, it will slow down.

Place your fingertips toward the nose without grabbing the rail.
This will make it easier for you to stretch your arms like push-ups.
This is due to the structure of the human body.
It’s easier to push the surfboard with your entire palm than to grab the rail.

My case
I don’t grab the rail when I take off.
However, I’m worried if I don’t grab the rail, so I only hook my little finger and ring finger on the rail.

There are exceptions.
When taking off the backside. I’m a regular footer.
I sometimes take off with the rail on the right grabbed.
For Steep waves, grabbing the rails gives me the ideal posture.


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