Surfboards Review:Pyzel surfboards Gremlin

Surfboards Review:Pyzel surfboards Gremlin

1.A brief review of Pyzel surfboards gremlin


5´4 ‐ 19 3/4 ‐ 2 3/8 28L

This surfboard is recommended for beginners.

I will introduce the features of this surfboard.
The length is short and the width is wide.
Paddles are extremely fast. You can accelerate with just a little force.
I think this surfboard has a good rocker balance.
I have about 20 surfboards. Among them, Gremlin is one of the fastest paddle surfboards.
It’s a very short surfboard, but it’s easy to take off.
The wide tail catches the force of the waves.
Acceleration after take-off is also excellent.
Even if a beginner uses this surfboard, it will not stall easily,
so I think it is easy to ride long.

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