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Surfing / Review about boxstix / Future

This time, I will review my favorite Boxstix.
In the case of a 5-fin box surfboard, you can close the holes in the unused fin plugs.


What kind of effect does it have?

I’m sure many surfers are worried that unused fin box holes may be a resistance to water when riding. I think you can prevent the surfboard from stalling by closing the holes in the fin box.


What you can see in this article
Review about boxstix 

The holes in the future fin box are long vertically.
Perhaps some people think that this hole disturbs the water flow and has an adverse effect.
I am also one of them.
BOXSTIX can fill the holes in the future fin plugs.

Fix it with screws in the same way as fins.

You can easily fill the holes in the plug as shown below.

You can easily remove it by inserting the fin key into the hole above BOXSTIX.

How much is the effect of BOXSTIX?
I actually surfed with BOX STIX.
At my level of surfing, I don’t feel a big difference.
However, I believe it works because I filled the big hole in the future fin box.

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