Surfing Ups and Downs Tips  Don’t move your head

Surfing Ups and Downs Tips  Don’t move your head


I can’t accelerate smoothly with Ups and Downs.

There are various causes.
In the case of Oliver, is the movement of the body stiff?


Is that so?

It’s important to move your body rhythmically.
To do this, you should fix your head and move your knees softly.

Ups and downs tips

・Don’t move your head, bend your knees softly

・Rhythmically move your knees
 (Move gradually faster)

Italo Ferreira Ups and downs

Kolohe Andino Ups and downs

Don’t move your head, bend your knees softly

Ups and downs are techniques for accelerating.
If you don’t accelerate, it’s a failure.


Don’t move the position of the head

Do not move your head, just move your lower body.
It will move like a blue arrow.

Move your knees softly

Extend below the knee.
The surfboard moves like a red arrow.

1.Bend your knees before you reach the bottom.
2.Stretch your knees as you go from bottom to top.
3.Bend your knees before you reach the top.
4.Stretch your knees at the top.


That’s strange.
I have my knees bent, but I’m not good at ups and downs.

Bend your knees more than you can imagine.
For example, a bent knee hits your chest!


Do you bend your knees so much?

It is case by case. However, practice bending your knees a lot.
Many beginners do not have enough knees bent.


Rhythmically move your knees

Ups & Downs gradually accelerates the surfboard.
Imagine accelerating each turn.
As the surfboard accelerates, so does the turn time.
Move your knees rhythmically.
As you accelerate, move your knees faster.


Is it important to move rhythmically?

Of course.
Rhythm is important for surfing.
The surfboard accelerates just by being conscious of moving rhythmically.



How was this article?
Ups & Downs is one of the first techniques beginners will learn.
Once you can do this technique, you will be able to ride long.
I hope this article helps you practice.
Thank you for reading.

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Surfing Ups and Downs Tips  Don’t move your head

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