Surfing-Rail to rail to accelerate / Methods / Tips

Surfing-Rail to rail to accelerate / Methods / Tips

One of the important things in surfing is speed.
Water resistance is greater than you think.
If you don’t control your surfboard, you’ll quickly stall.
The surfboard can lift out of the water and support your weight if you’re speeding up.
But if your surfboard stalls, the surfboard will sink and you will fall into the sea.
Speeding up is very important.

So what do you do to speed things up?
This time, I will tell you how to accelerate using rails.


Do not use the bottom of the surfboard, just use the rails.

Why use only rails?

Check the shape of your surfboard carefully.
Imagine a surfboard running on the waves.
Which part of the surfboard do you use to accelerate your surfboard?

How about using the bottom surface of the surfboard?
The area of ​​the bottom is large.
Using the bottom surface makes it more susceptible to water resistance. And it is easy to stall.

The figure below shows a case where the bottom surface of the surfboard is used.


The angle of my surfboard is as shown in the figure above.

You can’t speed up because the bottom surface of the surfboard is in contact with the water.


So use only surfboard rails.
Alternate between the right rail and the left rail.
The rail area is smaller than the bottom area.
As a result, surfboards are less susceptible to water resistance.
You can accelerate your surfboard.

The figure below shows a case where only the surfboard rails are used.


Since only the rail is in contact with water, it seems that there is little resistance to water.

That’s right. With only rails, there is almost no resistance and you can speed up.


Rail to rail method

What should you do to use only rails? Surfboards do not have handles.
You need to load the surfboard, sink the surfboard and operate it by changing the angle.
In order to tilt the surfboard, you need to move your weight.

For example, a wave of light breaks, if you are a regular footer.
After taking off, you need to put your weight on the toe side of the surfboard
when you go to the bottom. Can you put your weight well?
There are some common mistakes for beginners.
It’s about putting effort into your toes.
This will not allow you to load the surfboard.

If you intend to use your toe muscles to sink the toe side of your surfboard,
you should be aware of the mistake.
Be aware that you want to use your body weight, not your muscles.
To load on the toe side, you need to bend your knees deeply.
Keep your posture low and relax. You don’t have to put in any effort.
If you bend your knees and tilt your entire body, the rail will easily enter the surface of the waves. Ideally, you should lower your hand to the point where it hits the waves.

Let’s do surfing rail to rail training at home

Training on land is very effective.
The time you are riding the waves is very short. It’s only a few seconds.
During that few seconds, you can’t train to bend your knees.

So let’s train on land. Bend your knees and touch the floor with your hands.
Repeated practice at home will allow you to bend your knees even on the waves.

How was this article?
Try surfing with the rails. I’m sure your surfing will change.

thank you for reading

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