Surfing tips  Jump when going from the bottom of the wave to the top

Surfing tips  Jump when going from the bottom of the wave to the top


Please listen to my worries.
I stall when going from the bottom to the top of the wave.

Are you jumping at the bottom of the wave?


Are you jumping on the surfboard?

Jumping makes my body lighter.
Makes it easier for the surfboard to reach the top of the wave without stalling.


By jumping, you will be able to reach the top of the wave as shown in this image.

What you can see in this article

・The effect obtained by jumping

・Practice jumping on land

The effect obtained by jumping

Your weight is on the surfboard.
Your weight reduces the ability of the surfboard to rise to the top.
So remove your weight from the surfboard at the right time. The way to do that is to jump.

Do not take your foot off the surfboard when you jump.
Stick the surfboard to the jumped foot and head towards the top of the wave with it.

Below is an image of the bottom turn.

The surfboard rail is in the water.
There are four forces on the rail.

・Momentum when reaching the bottom from the top.
・Your weight.
・The power to lift the rail
・Force to lift

Jump in this state.
The three forces are released and turn into a force towards the top of the wave.

Force to lift is explained in detail below.


Does your foot get off the surfboard when you jump?

The surfboard is heading to the top of the wave,
so jumping will keep the surfboard on your feet.
This is similar to the skateboarding ollie technique.


Practice jumping on land


Tell me how to practice jumping.

It is good to train on land.
Try to fly as high as possible.

Practice of jumping on land

Jump as high as possible

・ Bend your knees.
・ Turn your arm down.

・Jump using your entire body.
・Stretch your knees
・Raise your arms above your head.


I know I bend my knees.
But do the arms need to be raised to the arms of the head?

*Oliver jumped

It is very important to raise your arms above your head.
Many surfers do not raise their arms above their heads.
By raising your arm high, you can definitely reduce the load on the surfboard.
It’s a great technique for ups and downs, top turns, and off-the-lip.


I found it very important.


How was this article?
I think many people don’t know the technique of jumping.
Please try it.
Also, don’t forget to practice raising your arms above your head.
This is a great way.

I hope this article will be useful to you.
Thank you for reading.

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