Cause of surfing takeoff failure(7)-Because you haven’t practiced take-off body motion repeatedly on land.

Cause of surfing takeoff failure(7)-Because you haven’t practiced take-off body motion repeatedly on land.


Wavalien,help me!

What’s up?


I have tried various methods but I fail to take off.

I checked Oliver’s takeoff. You don’t seem to be used to the take-off operation yet.


That’s right. The waves lift me and the surfboard and feel like they’re about to fall down. I’m scared and stop taking off.

Momentary movement is important for takeoff. I recommend Oliver to practice take-off on land.


Where are you practicing takeoff?
Many people may think that takeoff practice can only be done at sea.
But that’s half right and half wrong. For take-off practice, land practice is also effective.
This time, I will talk about the effectiveness of land practice.

I will also tell you how to practice.
Practicing at home every day will improve your takeoff.


Practice in the sea 
・The shape of the waves is different each time, so you cannot practice repeatedly.
・Beginners can ride the waves less often, which reduces practice time.

Practice on land
・ You can practice repeatedly. Practice time is greatly increased.
・ You gain muscle
・ You can acquire quick movements through repeated practice.   

How to practice takeoff on land

At sea, beginners can hardly take off.
The shape of the waves is different each time, so you cannot practice repeatedly
under the same conditions. Therefore, the takeoff practice time is very short.

You can practice as many times as you like on land.
I will tell you how to practice it.

Step 1
Lie down on the floor, look horizontally, bend your upper body, stick your knees together,
and push the floor with your knees.
This is the same as pushing the tail of a surfboard over the waves.
(In the sea, the board starts running in this state.)

Step 2
(Assuming that the surfboard has started running)
Then, quickly curl your back, make space under your abdomen, and touch your front foot knees
to your chest.
Place your front foot between your arms.
At this time, your hand remains on the floor.
The position of the front foot is between both palms.
Keep your knees low on your back foot.
Keep your eyes on the horizontal side, do not move your head, and keep your posture low.

Stand up in the lowest possible position.
Don’t look down.

You can get a big effect just by doing this practice 10 times a day.
This exercise will also give you the muscles you need for takeoff.
And you will be able to do it quickly.
Takeoff at sea requires you to get up in a second.
Therefore, it is very beneficial to practice repeatedly on land.

Practice every day. It makes your takeoff body motion quick and accurate.


I understood that practice on land is important. I will practice every day from today.

By repeating the practice on land, you can be confident in the take-off body movement. If you feel confident, you can take the courage to take off.


How was this article?
Surfing cannot be practiced repeatedly in the sea.
Practice daily on land, at home.

Thank you for reading.

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