(View Warning)Shocking surgery video available /Doc’s Proplugs is earplugs that can hear sound /Avoid surfer’s ear surgery    

(View Warning)Shocking surgery video available /Doc’s Proplugs is earplugs that can hear sound /Avoid surfer’s ear surgery    

(Viewer warning)
Shocking surgery video available


When I wiped out, I got water in my ears.
Water doesn’t go out of my ears

When you’re surfing, wipe out, or duck dive, you may get water in your ears.


It’s hard to hear the sound. It’s very unpleasant.

If you can’t hear the sound, you can’t concentrate on surfing.
It’s not fun.
Also, in my case, I feel like I lose my sense of balance.


Should I wear earplugs after all?
However, surfing is not fun because I can’t hear the sound when I put on earplugs.

With normal earplugs like the one in the image below, it’s hard to hear the sound.


It’s a good idea to choose a type of surfing earplugs that you can hear.
This time, I will introduce the earplugs that I have been using for many years.


Earplugs are also effective in preventing surfer’s ears.


It’s scary.
It’s a disease that blocks the holes in your ears.

That’s right.
If you’re surfing in cold climates, put on earplugs to prevent surfer’s ears.
At the end of this article, I link to a YouTube video of Surfers Ear Surgery. It’s a shocking video. If you don’t want to see it, be careful not to see it.


I don’t want to watch surgery videos, so I won’t read this article to the end.

What you can see in this article

・Review  : The best surfing earplugs I choose are Doc’s Proplugs

・Use earplugs to prevent surfer’s ear

・Youtube Surfer’s Ear Surgery

The best surfing earplugs I choose are Doc’s Proplugs

These are doc’s ploplugs that I have been using for many years.
This earplug is comfortable to wear.
Another feature is that you can hear the sound while preventing water from entering the ear canal.

Check the size by checking the box.
My size is M.

There are with and without leash.
I really wanted to buy one without leash, but I couldn’t find it in stock.
Therefore, I bought Doc’s Proplugs without leash.

The back of the box. There is a description.

I opened the box.

With leash.
For example, if the right earplug is removed but the left earplug is not removed, you can prevent the earplug from being lost.


In my case, I remove the leash and use it.
This is because the leash gets caught in the back of the neck and is pulled by the leash to remove the earplugs.

In this way, the protrusion on the top fits your ear.
It is comfortable because it does not press the ear holes.
Water does not come in, but there is a moderate gap.
Therefore, it is comfortable because the sound can be heard well.

This is an earplug that I used for about 2 years.

Seen from the side, it looks like this.

Use earplugs to prevent surfer’s ear

Surfer’s ear is a disease in which the bones in the ears grow.
It is believed to be the body’s reaction to prevent cold water from entering the ears.
If the grown bone completely blocks the ear canal, you will not hear any sound.
It is often found in surfer’s who have been surfing for more than 20 years and are surfing even in the cold winter waters.

To prevent surfer’s ears, it may be effective to wear earplugs or a cap that covers the ears to prevent cold water from getting into your ears.

If the surfer’s ear gets worse and you can’t hear the sound, surgery is needed.
Nobody wants to have surgery.
What’s more, you won’t be able to surf until you’re completely healed.

Surfer’s surfing in cold waters should use earplugs to prevent surfer’s ear.

Youtube Surfer’s Ear Surgery 

If you don’t want to have surgery, you should use earplugs. Earplugs can prevent surfers’ ears.


I watched the video. It was shocking. Surfers ears are scary.

Earplugs can help you avoid surfers’ ears. I recommend wearing earplugs when surfing.


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